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Entrepreneur debating between hiring a marketing company or an employee

Should I Work with A Marketing Company, Or Hire Internally?

When pondering the options to grow their business, most entrepreneurs will ask themselves some version of this age-old question: “Should I work with a marketing company, or hire someone internally?” We’ve laid out the pros and cons of both to [...]

Helping Businesses Grow: Intrigue Wins Top Creative Agency Award from Clutch

For entrepreneurs and business owners, creating a marketing plan can be difficult. That’s why we at Intrigue offer an industry-leading Marketing Action Plan (MAP®) to help a business achieve growth.  In addition to being recognized as a Top Growing Company [...]

How Intrigue Clients are Set Up for Success with their Personalized MAP®

Have you ever hired someone to solve a problem on your behalf only for them to turn around and ask you what they should do?  If you’ve run your own company for a number of years, you probably got here [...]
Business Lady Looking at Marketing Analytics

How to Measure Your Marketing

In 2021, it’s crucial to have a marketing presence but how do you measure the success of your marketing efforts? You’re spending all this money — how do you know if it’s working or not? Have you asked yourself or [...]

The Difference Between a $2,000 Website and a $20,000 Website

When it comes to websites, you really don’t know what you’re shopping for until you have purchased one. Even then, if you have not rebuilt your website for a decade or longer you might not know what the average website [...]
The Ostic Group Website

Digital Marketing Case Study: The Ostic Group (Updated)

Marketing Services Intrigue began helping The Ostic Group with their marketing in 2014. At the time, the main goals of their organization were to enhance their digital marketing and increase leads year-over-year.  Since working with our team, The Ostic Group [...]
Top 8 Marketing Tips To Crush It In 2021

Top 8 Marketing Tips To CRUSH It In 2021 & Beyond

There is no doubt that the marketing landscape looks a heck of a lot different now than it did a year ago. But for all the discomfort, challenges, and limitations that 2020 imposed on us, it also brought about a healthy [...]
Apple's iOS 14

What You Need to Know About Apple’s iOS 14 Release (and how it may affect your business)

With Apple’s latest updates to iOS 14, there are changes that will affect businesses currently advertising on Facebook. Although it is still early days, we at Intrigue feel it is important to inform our clients of the possible ramifications these [...]