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6 Tips For Running A Social Media Campaign

Nowadays social media is a huge part of our everyday lives. Trying to stay on top of your content can get a little tricky though. However, if you follow these 6 easy steps I believe you’ll be on the path [...]
Cold Calling Tips from Marketing and Advertising Agency in Kitchener Waterloo

What I’ve Learned From Years of Cold Calling

So, you’ve been asked to make 'Cold Calls!' I recently had a friend of mine invite me for a drink in Uptown Waterloo. We shared a couple of laughs and caught up a bit since it had been a while since [...]

Why We Do Leader Building

At Intrigue, we believe in empowering people to be leaders in their community. We believe a key part of doing this is having an unquenchable thirst for continuous, lifelong learning, so that we can grow ourselves, our team, and effectively [...]
Communication Tips for Business Development in Marketing and Advertising Guelph

Wishy Washy Words & How To Deal With Them

You are meeting with a client and just finished the best presentation of your life. You were meeting with the decision maker, found the perfect solution to their pain and even managed to come in under budget! After a few [...]
Intrigue Christmas Party 2015 in Guelph

Intrigue Christmas Party Roundup

Another year, another Christmas party come & gone! So many people and organizations came together to make this event happen. It’s amazing to witness the energy in the room on this unique occasion—speaking for the whole team here at Intrigue, [...]
Comfort Zone

The Reward of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever been told to get out of your comfort zone? Have you found yourself trying, but backing away because you were afraid of doing things you don’t like? You are not alone! The benefits far outweigh the negatives, [...]
Reward of Being Honest- Intrigue

The Reward of Being Honest

Looking at your task list, you realize that you forgot to do something. You dropped the ball a couple of weeks ago and no one has noticed. You feel your stomach drop and the heat rise to your face. For [...]

What Our Team Learned From Adventure Rooms

A few weeks ago, our team went to Adventure Rooms in Kitchener to experience a different type of team building exercise. Turns out we learned more than just how to solve puzzles - we learned some valuable things about our [...]