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Remember the days when we used awkwardly large yellow books to find what we were looking for?

Just like everyone else, we used our yellow book as fire starter back in the 1990s. Those were so Zack Morris.

In the age of smart phones, Google, and social media, it is important to ensure people are able to find you online.

It’s pretty easy to be found if people know about your business from the offline world.

But how do people who haven’t heard about you find you?

Intrigue MediaOnline Marketing is the best way to reach consumers today. It allows business owners to reach consumers outside of their business and after hours and lets the consumer decide when they are ready to be communicated with.

There are nearly 5,000,000,000 searches per day on Google alone. With all the information available on the internet, people no longer need to visit your store to get a first impression of your business. It is important to be where your consumers are and if you are not online, how will they ever find you?

GEP_logoAt Intrigue Media, we pride ourselves in being a beneficial, cost-effective solution for local businesses. We offer innovative marketing services such as Google marketing, email marketing, social media marketing as well as providing search engine optimization and website design & development. Click on one of our online marketing services to learn more.

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