How to get people in your marketing funnel

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Marketing Funnel

How people buy onlineIn the marketing process, people searching for your products or services will go through a number of stages before buying from you. There are
always more people in the beginning stages, with fewer left at the end.First, users find your website. This may be in a 
Google search, your email newsletter, or a pay-per-click ad.

 Any of these methods of promoting your website take time and money – after you determine your goals and your budget, you can find the method that works best for you.

You then direct people to your website.

From the first page that you direct them to (your “landing page”), you can point them to information on your company, your products and services, or a page where they can leave their email for more information.

You can begin to capture information about your visitors.  Mechanisms such as email sign upsurvey contests, white paper downloads or case studies, e-book downloads, etc.

From there, you can direct people to your “Order Online” page, or a page with your contact information.

By this point, the user may contact you, or they may leave you with their information so that you can contact them.

This leads to purchases.

Next, you can keep some of the funds from those purchases, and channel the rest back into your marketing process to repeat the cycle.

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