Learn About Online Marketing While Doing It


Search Engine Optimization

What is this SEO you keep hearing about? Well, if you have gotten to this page you probably know by now that it has to do with marketing, that it is not a drug, and maybe even that it stands for “”Search Engine Optimization””.

But really… what does that even mean? Maybe this story can help paint a clearer picture…

You own a pet store, let’s say “Malcolm’s Pet Shop” (it is just a coincidence that it is the same name as our mascot…). You have worked tirelessly on developing a website but are banging your head against the wall because you are not seeing the traffic that you were expecting and you can’t understand why…

You do some research and it finally hits you! Even though you think that Malcolm is the cutest puppy and your pet store is the best, people that don’t know you exist won’t know to type “”Malcolm’s Pet Shop”” into Google (which is currently the only word you are ranking number one for on Google). You need to incorporate certain keywords into your website because you want Google and other search engines to know that your website is the best suited when people are searching things like:

•Pet shop in Guelph
•Guelph Pet Store
•Dog food in guelph etc.

If done properly, you can get to the top of Google and other search engines for these keywords. However, if not done right, then you’ll stay on the dreaded other pages of Google; which up until you created your own website you didn’t even know that a second, third, or fourth page of google existed!

If you’d like your website to avoid these abandoned pages on Google and other search engines, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.

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