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At Intrigue Media, we believe that websites are the cornerstone of any great marketing campaign or business.

There is no doubt any more, people use the internet to find what they are looking for, and then purchase based on what they find.

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What does a good website do?

  1. attracts new visitors
  2. converts visitors to customers (whether online or in real life)
  3. engages customers to come back and purchase again

Now, here is where it gets fun! How do you go about doing these 3 things? Well, it would be our privilege to explain.

1) Good Websites Attract New Visitors

There are a number of ways to attract new visitors, but we can break them down into a few core components:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You may or may not have heard of this before, but this essentially is the process of identifying keywords and search terms that your customers use to find your stuff and then embedding them into your website in a number of different ways in order to let Google know what’s on your website so it will show your site when people search. We have the Intrigue way of doing this locally for our clients, here are some examples, try them out!

  1. Hair Salon Guelph – Malkim Hair Shop
  2. Email Marketing Kitchener – Intrigue Media
  3. Advertising in Guelph – Intrigue Media
  4. Guelph Moving Company – Mike the Mover
  5. Cabinet Refacing Newmarket – Cabinet Magic

2) Blogging

This might seem a little ridiculous at first glance, but blogs are one the best ways to drive new traffic to your website. Tagging and categorizing blogs enrich your website content for Google, and if you title them as questions relating to your business like, “What is the healthiest pet food in Canada” or “What is Montessori Education” you can get good Google ranking for these searches when your customers look for this answer. Not to mention the fact that this content can position you as an industry expert and you can also broadcast your blogs into social media like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +, and more. Check out our blog to see an example.

3) Online Advertising

There are a number of ways to advertise online, and here are some of them:

    • Paid Search – Google & Bing allow you to have your ads pop up when someone searches for your business. These ads typically look like search results, which they are, just someone paid to be there. They are often on a yellow background or are labelled as ads. This is a great way to jump to number one in Google while you work on your SEO overtime to place well organically.
    • Display Campaigns – Google, Bing and a myriad of other ad publishers partner with thousands of websites to serve up ads based on audience demographic and psychographic information. These ads can be text based, images, or flash video. You will notice them at the top or side of websites you visit everyday. Check out for an example. Also, if you use Gmail, you will see ads all over your screen. They are targeted to be relevant to the content in your emails. Spooky, eh? (Yes, we are Canadian and, yes, we do use “eh” when we speak 🙂
    • Social Campaigns – Facebook, Linkedin, and now Twitter allow you to post ads as Display Campaigns or as sponsored posts in order to engage your target audience. The cool part about these ads is that you can really, I mean really targeted with who will see them. You can target based on the companies people work in, the roles of your target audience, their interest, hobbies, beliefs, age, geography, and on and on. You can learn more about Online Advertising here.

4) Directory Listings

These can be useful and they can serve their purpose with a little up front heavy lifting and then little to no maintenance. Directories like the Yellow Pages, yes I said the Yellow Pages, can be useful if you are not ranking well on Google for terms relating to your business. Also, directories like or can help you build links that point to your website and help you build authority (link to glossary of terms) in Google. Not to mention that people actually use these websites from time to time and they might find you there.

5) Press Releases

These can be great, if you know what you’re doing. They can take a lot of work, but if done well, can reap a lot of rewards. They are websites like or that can help you distribute your press release across the worldwide web. The key to using press releases is to find out what publications are looking for in terms of news content. Humanitarian stories, stories about building jobs, stories about success and hardship are always a good start.

6) Social Media

There is no doubt that social media is impacting business. We help local businesses do this everyday. Here is a really cool video that demonstrates the power of this revolution in communication: Erik Qualman – Social Media Revolution You can also learn more about how we approach Social Media here: insert page link

If you would like to learn more about how we convert visitors into customers and then engage them to buy more and become loyal advocates, buy our e-book, “Simplifying Online Marketing to Get Result”It is only $9.99, click here to purchase this to the point resource for ensuring you have a great website!


    • building online brochures that do not generate leads and customers
    • finishing websites and then leaving our clients on their own
    • the cheapest


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