Lead Generation

You don’t need traffic on your website.

You need leads. Prospects. Inquiries. Higher traffic, more time on site, and lower bounce rates are all great things, but the ultimate question for online marketing campaigns at Intrigue Media is “”Did it bring you more clients?””.

And if you really know what you’re doing, you’ll make sure that you can track exactly where your leads came from. When you know the recipe for an online marketing campaign that brings you business, you can increase your budgets and scale your efforts.

When winter tire season rolled around, we helped Ted’s Tire Discounter connect with 215 prospective clients over three weeks.

We’re helping Candian businesses like Ted’s Tire create transparent customer attraction systems, so they can grow and make their communities stronger.

Making money is one of the most important aspects of any business and generating new and warm leads is critical to achieve this goal.

At Intrigue Media we strongly believe in helping other organization increase their sales and profits so they are able to focus on doing the things they enjoy most.

We do this by incorporating lead generation into all of our marketing initiatives including into websites, social media, email marketing, and search marketing.

Contact us to have a conversation on how we can help your business generate leads.

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