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Analytics & Webmaster Tools

At Intrigue Media, we believe it’s important to understand how your website and other marketing efforts are working for your business so you can understand your return on investment of your marketing dollars.

A new customer enters your store.

As his gaze shifts from left to right, he takes in the beautiful products you have arranged, just so.

He walks over to the shelf to the left, and cradles a widget in his hand. You see him take in the number printed on the price tag. He sets the widget down, with a barely audible tap, and walks out the front door to go across the street and get his nails done. (Don’t judge him, metro is in these days 😉 Okay you got us, it was a woman 🙂

You’ve watched the whole event unfold from behind the counter. What if you could watch how people interact with your website in the same way?

Google Analytics is an incredible tool that lets us do this.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics generates detailed information about the users who visit a website, where they come from and much more. By understanding and evaluating your analytics, steps can be taken to increase the performance of a web site. This tool can track a marketing campaign across other online platforms such as social media, email marketing and online advertising.

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools allows you to understand how a website is performing in Google’s search results. The tool identifies errors on your website and provides key suggestions for making your website rank better in Google.

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