Why People Are Important 

At Intrigue, we are all in it together; we are all team members. We strive to lead ourselves and create a safe environment where we can all fail fast and learn from our mistakes.

We are lucky to have a team of dedicated, professional men and women that bring passion and commitment to their roles and work every day. We’re not perfect, and sometimes we make mistakes, but two things are guaranteed:

  1. If we mess up, we will make it right and we will never shy away from taking ownership.
  2. We literally lose sleep at night if something falls through the cracks (and we all love our sleep). As a result, we go out of our way every week to make sure there are as few cracks in our process as possible.

Find Out Who We Are!

We have started a movement.

A movement towards authenticity. A movement that brings value to the marketplace through professional, best practice marketing. A movement that is accessible to organizations across our country, not just the national and international brands we see everyday spending millions of dollars to get noticed.

Everything we do is done inside our four walls, with our team. We have dedicated web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, account managers, online advertising specialists, project managers, and videographers.

You can meet every single one of us at our office.  Even better, come check out our next Community Appreciation Party, they’re a ton of fun and we’d love to have you. Sign up for our email and you will get the next invitation!

How We Grow

At Intrigue, we focus on Professional and Personal Development. Our team members are constantly learning, growing, and evolving. Here are a few of the resources that we love to use:

Over the years, we’ve focused on understanding the unique strengths that our team members bring to the table. As Jim Collins discovered in “Good to Great”, it is important to get the right people in the right seats, in order to get the bus (or the company) moving in the right direction.

When people join our team, we make it our priority to figure out what they love doing. We use tools like StrengthsFinder, Love Languages and Emergenetics to create a comprehensive profile of each new team member. Then we let each team member guide their own learning, working to grow where they are passionate.

Each team member has several bi-weekly, one-on-one training sessions to help them grow in their expertise and as a leader. Every 90 days, team members review their Intrigue, personal, social, health, and learning goals and provide honest feedback about how things are going in our Roadmap session. Through this process of constant feedback, learning, and refocusing, our team members are given clear expectations and every tool needed to become leaders worth following.

In addition to the above items, we also attend the following conferences and events each year to help our leaders grow stronger.

We also are extremely grateful for the learning events provided through: