Strategic Marketing & Positioning Training Program

Strategic Marketing & Positioning Program

Since the middle of March, leaders across Canada, have gone from shock and confusion, to back on their feet, and now it’s time to start moving forward. If you aren’t sure what your next move is, or how to get ahead of the pack during this time, this program is for you.

Expert Training from Expert Marketing Leaders

Participants in the program will learn the essentials skills in Business Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Team Development in order to understand the business and what it means to thrive in new economic business reality. Learn the strategies and foundations your business will need to put in place, how to retain current customers and attract new ones, as well as be a team member who can drive change forward in the organization.

Get Insights & Connect with Other Professionals

You will have the opportunity to share challenges, and insights with leaders across the country to help forge a new way of doing business to help you be the leader your company needs you to be.

Change Your Thinking

This 3-month program will help you rethink, retool, and grow. It will lay down specific steps for you to start moving forward, so you can change your business model with confidence and become a leader in your industry. 

Program Layout

Weekly Sessions – 12 weeks starting in July with 1 Session per week which will run from 2-3 hours for a total of 25 hours of training.

  • Week 1 – Strategy Part 1
    • Positioning Triangle – Quality, Price, Service/Speed
    • The New Opportunities Sales Quadrant
    • Website to Office Overview of Consistency
  • Week 2 – Strategy Part 2
    • The Brand Promise
    • Pricing
    • Testing
  • Week 3 – Marketing Part 1
    • A-Client Target Profiles
    • Email Capacity
    • Tech Stack
  • Week 4 – Marketing Part 2
    • Association/Clubs/Groups
    • What Matters Now
    • Channel Identification
  • Week 5 – Sales Part 1
    • Process
    • Technique & Training
  • Week 6 – Sales Part 2
    • Minimum Criteria for a Sale
    • Gross Margin
  • Week 7 – Team Part 1
    • Recruitment – Build a Brand to attract A-Team Members
    • Onboarding 
  • Week 8 – Team Part 2
    • Retention
    • Exit

Week 9 – Strategy Part 3

    • Mindset
    • Entrepreneurial Operating System
  • Week 10 – Marketing Part 3
    • Execution
    • Ongoing Customer Engagement
    • How to Build a Parthenon
  • Week 11 – Sales Part 3
    • Managing and Growing a Sales Team
    • Knowing your numbers – What to measure?
  • Week 12 – Team Part 3
    • Measuring Team Member Satisfaction
    • Advisory Board
    • Open Book Management

How It Will Work

  1. $7,000 per employee
  2. Room for 25 Participants for July-September Cohort

Open Strategy Group Calls

Open strategy calls until the program begins – dates TBD


  • One on One Launch Call with Rob & Paul
  • Weekly Workshops Led by Intrigue
  • Community Whatsapp Group for Experience Shares, Insights, and Challenges
  • Access to One on One Calls with Instructors
  • Each Team member will receive an Intrigue Strategic Marketing Certificate upon completion of the program.