Video Advertising in Georgetown

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We currently have TVs in the following locations:

  • Georgetown Mall (4 Screens)
  • Georgetown Hospital (3 Screens)
Our Approach

Our Approach

Just like the ever growing centre of Georgetown, Intrigue had an ever growing network of digital displays at numerous locations throughout Georgetown. This way, your video plays directly to the people and in the places you want to be heard.

With different options of networks to choose from, delivering the right information to the right people has never been easier. In addition, by getting a choice of networks, you can focus directly on your target market, and not have to worry about your message falling on deaf ears.

Take the time to carefully look at the network options and make the decision that is right for you and your business. Having difficulty? No problem! Just contact us any time and one of our network professionals will be glad to assist you.

Meet Fred Scheuer

Meet Fred Scheuer

Fred is a part owner of Intrigue in Milton and Oakville. He generates leads for businesses by helping them develop a marketing strategy. His process integrates a mix of online strategies, community visibility, and networking.

When Fred is not helping businesses grow he enjoys being involved in the community in any way he can. You will often find him participating in sporting events, volunteering at functions or on the golf course looking for his ball in the woods. Fred also enjoys hanging out with friends and family and solving the rubik’s cube.

Call Fred at (289) 210-1198