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Client Network Service

At Intrigue Media, we believe that businesses need to engage their customers in order to ensure they get the best experience with their business.

That’s why we developed our Client Network Service. We have grown our business from one TV in one city to over 250 across more than 20 cities in Ontario in 6 years. Now, we are making this model available to our clients.

How it Works

  • You install an Intrigue TV in your location
  • We produce content that showcases your highest margin items
  • The Intrigue TV acts as a passive sales tool to engage your current customers
  • Your highest margin items sell more

Nuru, the owner of Kelsey’s Guelph, installed an Intrigue TV in his location. We produced content for his highest margin items, like his Cobb Salad. 60 days later, his Cobb Salad sales were up 300% and he received a call from the head office of Kelsey’s asking him how he has been doing so well with Cobb Salad Sales. His reply, “Intrigue TV.”

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