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Video Advertising In Mississauga

You wake up one morning and while lying comfortably under the covers you remember that you have the wedding for your cousin next weekend and you have nothing to wear. You jump up out of your bed and are suddenly realize that you need a new outfit, new shoes and a new purse (or tie depending on your attire preference). Where can you go to get all of your shopping done?

On the verge of panic you suddenly realize that the city of Mississauga holds all of the treasures you seek, including that wedding gift for that hard to buy for person that has everything.

Just like the ever growing city of Mississauga, Intrigue Media had an ever growing network of digital displays at numerous locations throughout Mississauga. This way, your video plays directly to the people and in the places you want to be heard.

With different options of networks to choose from, delivering the right information to the right people has never been easier. In addition, by getting a choice of networks, you can focus directly on your target market, and not have to worry about you message falling on the deaf ears.

Take the time to carefully look at the network options and make the decision that is right for you and your business. Having difficulty? No problem! Just contact us any time and one of our network professionals will be glad to assist you.

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The Professional/Family Network in Mississauga, Ontario
The Medical/Wellness Network in Mississauga

The Professional/Family Network in Mississauga, Ontario

The Professional/Family Network is devoted to targeting young couples, intermediate families, and professionals who are out being active in the community. These displays can be found at local family friendly attractions and in professional environments. You can also see them at many local restaurants, which can be prime gathering places for business discussions and family dining.

LocationAddressMonthly Plays
1. Credit Valley Imaging Associates2300 Eglinton Ave, West (Suite G-02)589
2. East Side Marios5855 Rodeo Dr.946
Total Monthly Traffic: 16,000
Total Monthly Plays: 1,535


The Medical/Wellness Network in Mississauga

The Medical/Wellness Network offers the ability to communicate to a very captivated audience in waiting areas of a variety of medical oriented offices. It also delivers your message to a very diverse part of the population that is largely made up of our senior citizens throughout the city of Mississauga.

LocationAddressMonthly Plays
1. Credit Valley Diagnostics2000 Credit Valley Rd. # 103,Mississauga,Ontario436
2. Creditview Medical Centre1240 Eglinton Ave., West,Mississauga,Ontario436
3. Gamma Dynacare, Credit Valley Rd. Mississauga2000 Credit Valley Rd #105,Mississauga,Ontario436
4. Gamma Dynacare, Queensway, Mississauga21 Queensway West, #112,Mississauga,Ontario436
5. Gamma-Dynacare King St. West, Mississauga71 King Street West, #305,Mississauga,Ontario436
6. Heritage Hills Medical Clinic4646Heritage Hills Blvd.,Mississauga,Ontario436
7. Mississauga Medical Centre3980 Grand Park Drive Unit A-2,Mississauga,Ontario436
Total Monthly Traffic: 35,994
Total Monthly Plays: 3,055