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Get Quality Leads For Your Landscaping Business With A Marketing Action Plan®

With a minimum ROI of 5:1*, your digital marketing partners at Intrigue will help your landscaping business reach new heights.

*Based on actual client results.

Intrigue Wins 2020 Top Growing Companies

Our proven digital Marketing Action Plan® is the key to growing your landscaping business.

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Get An Average ROI Of 5:1 For Your Marketing When You Work With Intrigue

At Intrigue, our team of experts will guide you through the complicated world of marketing so you can focus on building the landscaping company you want, while we consistently bring you qualified leads.

Our Marketing Action Plan® (MAP®) will show you exactly which strategies we’ll use — digital ads, email marketing, blogging, social media, SEO, website development, and more — to get your landscaping business a minimum return on investment of 5:1.

For a limited time, we are looking for ONE landscaping company in Michigan to partner with. Our partner will gain exclusive access to our trademarked MAP® process, putting them ahead of their competition and on a long-term path to growth.

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Experience Extraordinary Results For Your Landscaping Business

“We love working with Intrigue! They hit the nail on the head with what we’re looking for. Our business has grown, which has allowed us to focus on providing the concierge-quality service that our clients expect and deserve.”

Kathy Thomas – Owner/Operator, Green Thumb Landscaping

Intrigue’s MAP® process generated the following results for Green Thumb Landscaping:

$ 0
Cost Per Lead
Leads Generated
0 %
Increase in Revenue YOY

Green Thumb Landscaping is now experiencing massive growth — with better results, higher profitability, and more predictability — and is set up on a path to long-term growth.

Are you interested in experiencing similar results for your landscaping business in Michigan?

Our proven process has helped Green Thumb Landscaping, and other landscaping businesses, experience extraordinary growth. We can do the same for your business.