Video Advertising

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We help our clients get noticed and found in their communities to drive revenue and grow their business.

Online Marketing

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Our approach is simple- attract new customers and engage current customers.

Building Community

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We believe in empowering local businesses to strengthen communities across Canada.

Our Vision

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Our Vision is to become the leaders in Local Marketing across Canada.

Milton Video Advertising

A Great Marketing Video Can Make All The Difference

Here is a story about a long time Milton client who does a great job marketing his coffee business. When we first sat down it was clear they had a strong online presence. But keeping a consistent and effective message in the community was a challenge.  Continue reading “A Great Marketing Video Can Make All […]

Partnership Story

Community Partnerships at Work: Intrigue Media and Ed Video

Ed Video Media Arts Centre is a Guelph based creative organization that offers events, exhibitions, and workshops to help support and promote the local media arts community. For some time Ed Video had been having trouble gaining public awareness about their organization and the programs they offer. At Intrigue, we believe in helping local businesses […]

Homemade Pickles

Sales is Pickles

I have a confession to make. I used to hate pickles. I know, EVERYONE loves pickles! There was just something about the gross browny/green colour and the slimy appearance that made me cringe. All my friends liked pickles and thought I was crazy for not adoring them as well. Continue reading “Sales is Pickles” »