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We help our clients get noticed and found in their communities to drive revenue and grow their business.

Online Marketing

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Our approach is simple- attract new customers and engage current customers.

Building Community

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We believe in empowering local businesses to strengthen communities across Canada.

Our Vision

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Our vision is to be world-class leaders in community marketing.

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Does Where You Host Your Website Really Matter?

We live in a fast, impatient world. Having a website that takes forever to load costs businesses more and more money each day. The team at created a great infographic showcasing some great tips on how to keep your website loading as quickly as possible. We focus on implementing websites for our clients that […]

Blog Casting: The Power of a Blog

At Intrigue Media, we believe in the power of blogs. We believe that implementing a blog into a website is one of the best ways for our clients to get results. But how? The first step is to write an article that will be interesting to your clients, and provide them with relevant information that’s […]

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Best Brands Part Two: The Best Stories

Every successful brand has a story that we love to believe. It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be consistent because as soon as they deviate from the story we know and love, the trust is broken and the customer is lost. These brands have some of the best stories currently. They’re […]