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Expert marketing for leaders, by leaders.

Serving entrepreneurs by providing a plan for business growth that’s curated by an industry-leading team of marketing experts.

At Intrigue, we invest in a culture of leadership and accountability amongst our staff. That allows us to better meet and exceed the needs of our clients : the business leaders, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who make up the backbone of our economy.

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Proven Success in Several Industries

Intrigue Media has been a digital marketing company since 2006, and in that time we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs reach and exceed their marketing goals. We’ve designed beautiful websites, crafted engaging content, and built winning SEO strategies for businesses across several sectors. Over time, we’ve come to specialize in the following industries:

Our digital marketing experts are ready to work with you to develop the most effective and transparent online marketing strategy you’ve ever seen. Let’s help you work more on your business and less in your business.