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World-Class Leaders in Community Marketing

Our Vision at Intrigue Media is to be world-class leaders in community marketing. Our goal is to provide strategic and result oriented solutions for our clients to communicate with their marketplace. At Intrigue Media, we believe that great businesses deserve to get noticed. That’s why we’ve developed an infrastructure for engaging with different markets through strategic and sales oriented digital marketing initiatives. We believe in ongoing and collaborative relationships with our clients in order to provide the highest Return on our relationship.

Our services have grown to include digital display advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, Google consulting, and website development.

Our approach is simple. It’s our passion. Let us share it with you.

The Story of Intrigue Media

Building our Culture: How We Live Together

Just like when you are about to sink your teeth into a delicious dinner, we love putting teeth into our culture!

Our culture determines everything about how we go about accomplishing work: how we interact with our stakeholders, the environments we work in, how we dress, the words we avoid, etc.

At Intrigue, we also believe in transparency.

So we worked with Google to allow you to take a virtual tour of our office!

As a team, we write reflections every week on what our cultural values mean to us, and share them here.

What Is The Intrigue Media Video Network?

The Intrigue Media video network is spread across southern Ontario and has thousands of viewers every day. It’s a great tool to get your local business noticed and found by your community and is easier to navigate than you may think. (more…) Share this!

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How to Use a Snapchat Geofilter for Your Business

Geofilters are commonplace on Snapchat these days. You’ll usually come across at least one or two when you’re posting in the app – more if you happen to be in a busy city. They can be fun and quirky, but usually don’t do anything special. Geofilters like the one seen below are called Community Geofilters. […]

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Why Google My Business is the Most Important Page for Local Business

Everyone you meet has their own opinion on which social media platform is the most important for marketing your business. Some people will claim that Facebook is best due to its huge user base and broad targeting options. Others will insist LinkedIn because it’s built specifically to enhance B2B marketing. Some will claim that Twitter’s […]

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