Business Blogging

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Blogs for Business

Content marketing creates value for your business by starting with your story and letting readers decide if they want to learn more.

Blogs are the building blocks of your digital marketing campaign. Blog content can be leveraged in many different ways to create value for your business. This process is known as Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a key component in building your business.

Content marketing lets you tell your story directly to your customers.

People don’t want to be sold to — they want to buy for themselves. By telling a story, you encourage your audience to take the initiative to buy, instead of trying to sell your products or services to them.

What is business blogging?

A business blog is a short, 300+ word article on a specific topic, that is posted on your website or published through a social platform. Every business blog includes a Call To Action, encouraging the reader to take the next step. This Call To Action can include following up with your organization, making a purchase, or committing to a meeting.

A good business blog is always informative. It educates people about your business or gives them information on a new product, a unique service, or an upcoming event. Great blogs can establish professionals or organizations as thought leaders in their industry.

Blogs create value for your business’ website, by helping it rank higher on Google. When you write a blog on a specific topic, people searching for that topic will be more likely to find your website. The specialists at Intrigue understand how to apply SEO best practices to the writing of your blog to enable its success.

Start blogging for your business today!

How will blogging help my business?

The goal of Content Marketing is to drive traffic back to your website. A business blog is a great tool to accomplish this goal. When leveraging blog content for your business, our team will use a practice called ‘blogcasting’ to share your blog on social media and distribute it via email newsletters.

The goal of blogcasting is to increase the range of your blog and help it get in front of as many people as possible.

Why is this important?

If your blog gets sent to 1,000 people and 1% decide to read it, then 10 people will see your blog. Not so bad — maybe one of them will even call you afterwards.

But, if you can get your blog in front of 10,000 people — using smart SEO, social shares, and email distribution — and 1% decide to read it, then suddenly 100 people are seeing it! There is a significantly higher audience which will lead to more calls and more business. That’s the power of a blog.

Blogcasting infographics shows the power of a blog for your social media marketing strategy