November 26, 2014

By Robert Murray

This is our first book review of many to come. At Intrigue, we believe in embracing an unquenchable thirst for learning so that we can grow ourselves, our team, and better service our clients.

This month, we are reviewing John C Maxwell’s ’21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’.

This book blew our team away. Our vision is to become the leaders in local marketing in Canada which means that we all need to be leaders in our own right. That’s why we picked this book up as a team and embarked on a journey that changed all of our minds on the topic of leadership.

Each chapter is a law of leadership, and they are all fantastic. Here are a couple of concepts that stuck out for me:

1) ‘No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.’

2) ‘You must first give up to go up.’ The question then becomes, what are you willing to sacrifice to get where you want to go? What are you not willing to sacrifice? Great questions!

3) ‘You must win their hearts for their minds to follow.’ Telling people what they need to do will not serve you as well as learning about where they want to go and helping them get there.

Here is a quick video of John talking about the 21 Laws:

If you would like to purchase this book or audio, you can find them here.

We love to share our ideas, experiences, wins, and challenges. What books have you read that have impacted your business and your life?

Rob is an action junkie at Intrigue. When he isn’t meeting with clients to create marketing campaigns to grow their business, he is meeting with Chuck Norris to find out how he became the king of action. Rob is part of the Young Professionals Network of Guelph and the Master Planning Steering Committee for the Guelph General Hospital. When Rob isn’t working, he works on finding new ways to catapult himself through the air.

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