June 8, 2023

By Intrigue

Designing an attractive and eye-catching website for your landscaping business is much like building the perfect outdoor space. Both require insight and expertise into how the space will be used. Just like a perfectly manicured property, you can easily tell when you land on a great landscaping website.

Neither web design nor landscaping projects can lead to success without following a few key principles of style, design, and user experience. To that end, our team of website design and development experts put together the best tips to make your website stand out, get noticed, and drive more business.

In full transparency, the examples we provide come from our own clients. The reason is simple: these web design tips have been tried, tested, and proven to work!

1. Prioritize Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile responsive web design by Intrigue

RMW Exteriors has a mobile responsive website that makes viewing it on different devices a breeze.

If you’re like most in the landscape and lawn care industry, over 50% of your visitors use a mobile device to browse your website. This means that a mobile-optimized website needs to be a priority, and mobile-optimization begins with responsive web design.

Using responsive design means that your website will automatically adjust to whatever device is viewing it. If a visitor pulls up your website on their phone or tablet, your site will “respond” to that device and render a better user experience without having to deal with any annoying zooming, scrolling, or clicking tiny buttons.

2. Use Professional Images

Professional photography by Partridge Landscaping
Partridge Fine Landscapes highlights the quality of their work with professional images of their projects.

Images set the tone and feeling of your business and your overall style. Having professional photos is crucial when visitors come to your site — it gives them an understanding of the care and expertise of your business.

For landscaping, garden design, and lawn care companies, photos should showcase your best projects that are most representative of your ideal customers. Use images to illustrate the quality of your work, explain a project, or guide visitors through your process. Lastly, be sure to optimize your images with this tool by compressing their size. If you aren’t careful, large images can slow your site down, reducing the user’s experience and increasing your bounce rate.

3. Use a Hero Image

Gelderman Hero Image

Gelderman makes use of hero images to showcase their work and attract their ideal customers.

A “hero image” is the central and prominent image you see on many pages of great landscaping websites. Within a split of a second, your visitors should know what your site is all about. Website designers often call this the “blink test”. Look at a website page and then blink your eyes shut. Do you remember what that site is about?

Given the visual nature of the lawn and landscape industry, companies have tremendous opportunities to showcase their work. People love seeing images of manicured lawns, colourful gardens, and winding pathways. Be sure to select a professional image that showcases your work and allows for legibility of text.

4. Have a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Gelderman homepage

Gelderman‘s homepage uses a call-to-action to encourage visitors to take a desired next step.

There should be clear and tasteful CTAs on each page of your website. What do you want your visitors to do? Tell them! These CTAs can be incorporated as part of the hero image. However, if you don’t want your hero image to have a CTA, there should be other places that encourage your website visitors to complete a desired action.

5. Include Videos To Tell Your Story

Video by Gelderman

Gelderman uses videos to engage their visitors and encourage them to learn more about their services.

The use of video is a trend that won’t be slowing down in the landscaping and lawn care industry. Videos draw visitors onto your website, encouraging them to stay longer and learn more about your services.

A good video will give insight into who you are, why clients trust you, and why a new client would want to work with you. To be most effective, ensure videos are high quality and professional with clear sound and picture.

6. Showcase Your Team

Partridge Fine Landscapes has a dedicated page for their team — with professional images, bios, and job titles.

People want to do business with real people. Be proud of showcasing your team on your website!

Your ‘Meet Our Team’ page should feature photos and bios of each team member. Stop talking about how professional you are and show it instead. Show your employees in action, doing their best work. Click here for inspiration from a variety of “Meet the Team” webpages, and click here to meet the team at Intrigue.

7. Add Relevant Client Testimonials

Greenthumb customer testimonial

Green Thumb highlights testimonials from their ideal customers throughout their site to add social proof.

Great client testimonials of your landscaping projects help build trust in your business and add social proof. Instead of featuring a “Testimonials” page, though, include the most relevant ones on specific pages throughout your website. For example, if you have a commercial page, feature client testimonials that speak to your success in completing commercial projects. Use bold fonts that stand out, and if possible, include images of your customers to add legitimacy.

Grab glowing testimonials from your Google reviews and ask clients directly for their written comments and feedback. If you’re looking for tips to get more testimonials, check out our 8 proven strategies to get more reviews.

8. Let Your Clients Buy Online

Kerr and Kerr Landscaping ecommerce site

Kerr and Kerr Landscaping sells products and services through their ecommerce site to generate additional revenue.

People love the ease and convenience of online shopping, so why not let them shop while visiting your website? Having an ecommerce platform where you can sell maintenance plans, service packages, materials, and products online is a great way to tap into new revenue streams while enhancing your customer experience.

The design and functionality of your ecommerce website can make or break conversions. Ensure you have a smooth purchasing experience that is fast, secure, and easy to navigate. You should use high quality images, detailed descriptions, and clear ‘Add to cart’ buttons to maximize your conversions.

9. Feature Your Career Opportunities

Join Our Team

Gelderman attracts A-players to join their team by featuring opportunities on their website.

More and more lawn and landscape companies are showcasing their career opportunities by advertising them on their website. This includes having a dedicated “Careers” page with detailed listings of open positions, digitizing the application process, and including separate blogs for recruiting purposes.

Click here for the top 6 reasons your website needs a careers page.

Your website is your 24/7, 365 days-a-year salesperson. Now you know the best ways to get your landscaping and lawn care website noticed, keep your visitors for longer, and drive more business.

At Intrigue, we focus on creating beautiful, easy-to-navigate websites with a strong SEO presence for landscape companies. Our clients see the results that clean, mobile-responsive, secure, and fast websites consistently bring.

Click here to learn more about our web design and development services, and click here to connect with our team today!

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