February 4, 2013

By Intrigue

At Intrigue, we use a double funnel to demonstrate how online marketing turns prospects into clients.

the online marketing funnel

As the online marketing funnel illustrates, there are many ways for people to get to your website. But just because someone has made it to your website does not mean that they are ready to buy from you yet.

Once someone arrives on your website, they’re most likely looking for specific information. This information will give the prospect a definitive answer as to whether or not your business can provide what they are looking for.

Your homepage may not be the best landing page

If someone lands on the homepage of your website, they are probably likely to find a little information about a lot of different things, if not all of the areas of your website. If they do not find what they are looking for immediately, they may leave your website. This is where the landing page comes into play.

A better place to land

A landing page contains a lot of information about a specific product or service you offer. These pages are optimized for certain terms to help people searching for that information find the page.

Landing pages usually contain only three or four links to click, with the idea that you are presenting people with the options for the next step, should they choose to remain on your website. These next steps are also known as calls-to-action.


Typically, calls-to-action fall into two categories:

  •   Learn more
  •   Contact us

“Learn More” Links

The funnel illustrates many different options for learning more, so if people are not ready to buy from you right away, you can give them the option to get more information from you at their desired pace.

Learn more links can lead to other pages with more information on your website, or pages where the prospect can trade their information to download articles or videos that you have made. This also includes email newsletter sign-up forms.

“Contact Us” Links

Contact us links usually lead to a page with a contact form, email address, or phone number. These actions present an opportunity to the prospect to move to the bottom of your website’s funnel.

Once someone has contacted you, you can set up a sales meeting with them.

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