Intrigue Designs the ArtMed Way

We began re-designing ArtMed by looking at their old site. Their main reason for coming in to have a new site built was to expand on what they currently had.


Local Leader Spotlight – Ernie Sweeney

At Intrigue Media, we believe in empowering leaders and strengthening communities — that’s why we have decided to spotlight a ‘Local Leader’ each month! Our Local Leaders are individuals who have [...]


Taste of Guelph & Intrigue Media

Taste of Guelph is a fundraiser for St. Joseph’s Health Centre and is known as ‘Guelph’s Premier Garden Party’. The 20th annual event took place this past Sunday afternoon, under a luxuriously [...]


The Intrigue Media Recipe

Intrigue Media has a recipe. We have posted our purpose, our vision, and our values on our walls and, to ensure that these phrases are more than fluffy words, we have a recipe for putting them [...]


Three Things Every Winning Team Must Have

The Czech Republic men’s hockey team took home the gold medal at the Nagano Olympics back in 1998. This is, undoubtedly, one of the best examples of what the right leadership and  proper [...]


What is CASL Compliance & 6 Tips for Creating a CASL Compliant Email Marketing Strategy

What is CASL Compliance? CASL was launched in 2014 and it stands for Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation. It’s an opt-in law put in place by the Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications [...]


September Smile Moment!

At Intrigue Media, one of our cultural values is Fun. As if you didn’t already know that. We believe life’s too short not to have fun. We hope that these smile moments bring some fun into your [...]