5 Reasons To Use Artbees’ Jupiter WordPress Theme for Your WordPress Website

Mike Bernier

The developers at Intrigue initially came across Jupiter after our previous theme’s developer stopped supporting their theme. We were in a tricky position with our old theme because the websites using the theme started to break as WordPress updated but the theme didn’t update along with it.

In order to find the best possible theme to use for our websites, we started combing through Themeforest with specific criteria in mind:

  1. Support – How responsive was the theme’s author to support requests? Did they only acknowledge bugs or did they take feedback about new features? Was the author providing helpful answers?
  2. Versatility – Was this a one-off theme built for a specific type of website or could it be used for a wide range of sites? (eCommerce, Portfolios, Lead Capture, etc.)
  3. Drag and Drop Editor – Did the theme come with a Drag and Drop editor packaged? What kind of tools were available through the editor?
  4. Examples – Were we able to see examples of other websites built with this theme? How did they function? Did they have a unique feel to them?
  5. Reliability – Is the plugin’s author going to be sticking around? How can we guarantee that the issue with our previous theme’s author won’t happen again?

After we had our criteria established, we began looking through Themeforest. We noticed immediately that one author stood out from the pack, Artbees. They were extremely helpful during our buying process and took the time to jump on a call with the Intrigue developers to field questions about Artbees’ Visual Composer, Support/Ticket Management System, and even the direction their company was headed. We were blown away by their responsiveness and the care they took to make sure that all of our questions were answered. At the end of the day, we chose Jupiter as our theme of choice and have since developed 120+ sites using Artbees’ themes.

Intrigue has extensive experience with Artbees’ themes and is considered a ‘VIP User’. This provides us with the expertise to provide you with 5 reasons to use the Jupiter WordPress theme by Artbees for your WordPress website:

1. Support

Artbees support has provided custom JavaScript to ensure the Animated Column post type works in mobile, CSS to perfectly square images in the WooCommerce Shop Loop, and a number of other requested tweaks that have allowed our websites to function their best.

They have also responded to our feedback for theme improvements such as adding a ‘Stick Template’ option to their Global Theme Panel.

It is really refreshing to work with an author that helps to provide custom development support as much as Artbees.

2. Versatility

Intrigue has used Jupiter to create a ton of unique websites ranging from Insurance Brokers to Landscapers, Psychologists to Mortgage Brokers, and even a Raw Dog Food producer/distributor. Jupiter’s ability to customize everything about the site has allowed us to provide our clients with authentic, beautiful websites that don’t take months to build.

For me, the magic starts in the Global Theme Options where you are able to predefine the styling for your entire site. This saves lots of time and creates consistency across your platform. You can read more about the Global Theme Options on Artbees’ Blog.

Once you get into the individual pages, you can design to your heart’s desire by using the Artbees Modified Version of WPBakery’s Page Builder:

3. Drag and Drop Editor

We love Artbees’ Modified Version of WPBakery’s Page Builder. It is intuitive, speedy (on the frontend and backend), and has some wicked features including templating, frontend mode, and the ability to write Custom CSS for a single page.

Our most used element is the mk_section which allows the designer to insert large header sections. The sections are especially useful because of their ability to manipulate their background images very easily, without the need for Photoshop. For example, the section build allows you to position the image, repeat the image, or specify the image to cover the entire background:

You can also add an overlay, single colour, or gradient, based on what you think looks best:

All in all, the Artbees Modified Version of WPBakery’s Page Builder has saved us a lot of time while still allowing us to create amazing looking pages without having to compromise our vision for the site.

4. Examples

Artbees provides an amazing selection of really cool templates to help you see what can be done with the Jupiter platform. The templates were extremely helpful when it came to choosing which theme to use, as we could easily see the versatility and level of design that could be achieved with this theme.

We continue to use the template library in our development process for inspiration with the Jupiter theme.

5. Reliability

Artbees has been a very reliable theme author. They have provided help when we need it and supported/improved their theme to make sure it functions the way a world-class theme should.

Currently, they are approaching 100,000 sales and have an average of 4.75 stars from over 4,000 reviews.

All signs point to Artbees and Jupiter being here to stay — and that gives our design team the confidence to go all out on building our sites.

As far as lessons go, we appreciate that we had the opportunity to learn what choosing the wrong WordPress theme author means, because now we know about the amazing upsides of the Jupiter theme and the Artbees team.

If you would like to learn more about how Artbees and the Jupiter theme have improved our design/development process check out the interview we did with their team.

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