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How To Write Great Title Tags & Meta Descriptions- Intrigue

How to Write Great Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

One of the biggest problems businesses' have today is finding ways to reach the top of Google's results page. There are a lot of factors to consider when adding SEO, but two things that are typically lacking are good title tags [...]
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Content Marketing: Your Blogging Strategy

What is content marketing? When I entered the marketing world, I immediately noticed that the term ‘content marketing’ got used a lot online—on Twitter, on LinkedIn, on marketing blogs. Maybe you’ve also encountered it too—and been just as confused by [...]
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How to Get Noticed & Get Found

Here at Intrigue, the products and services that we provide for our clients are always changing. With all this change we are continually seeking out new ways of getting businesses noticed and found by their ideal clients or customers. Some [...]
Google AdWords Online Advertising paltform Intrigue Guelph

What is Google AdWords & Why Do Businesses Use It?

What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is an online advertising platform that allows you to create ads to market your business. These ads are clickable and link to specific pages on your website, and the best part is, you only [...]

Intrigue Summer Party 2016

A big thanks to everyone who came out for our Summer Community Appreciation Party last night! We’ve said it before, but these parties wouldn’t be possible without our amazing and supportive community. Thanks for making the last 10 years of [...]
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5 Tips for Writing A LinkedIn InMail That Will Get Results

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that helps connect business professionals. It has a numerous amount of tools and functions so don’t worry if you are unsure about how to use them all! The tool I wanted to focus on was LinkedIn InMail messages. [...]
How to Becom a LinkedIn Jedi and use social media marketing on this platform

Social Media Marketing on LinkedIn

Working with small business owners, our team often gets asked the following kinds of questions about LinkedIn: Should I be focusing on LinkedIn? What is the best way to use LinkedIn to market my business? How can I improve my [...]
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How To Make An Awesome Landing Page

What is a Landing Page? By definition, a landing page is any page that people can arrive on. However, when used in the context of digital advertising, a landing page is considered as a standalone page that is created for [...]