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What makes a great leader?- Intrigue

What Makes Leslie Knope a Great Leader?

They say that leaders come in all shapes and sizes. That’s definitely true of Leslie Knope. If you’ve seen Parks and Recreation, then you know I’m talking about its lead character, played by the inimitable Amy Poehler. (If you haven’t [...]

Why Intrigue Loves Sponsoring Events

Giving back has been a core part of Intrigue since it’s inception. We love sponsoring events for a number of reasons that I’m excited to share! Our purpose is to empower leaders to strengthen communities. By helping organizations with their [...]
Leadership & Lebron James- Intrigue

Leadership & Lebron James

Many people know Lebron James as “that basketball player”, but not many know him as a leader. His decision to return to his old team, in his home state, only further solidified his place as one of the best leaders [...]

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

This is our first book review of many to come. At Intrigue, we believe in embracing an unquenchable thirst for learning so that we can grow ourselves, our team, and better service our clients. This month, we are reviewing John [...]
Tips for business networking groups

Networking: Joining a Committee

As soon as an entrepreneur or a sales rep from a company hears about a networking group, he wonders, "Will this group work?" This is a fair question to ask, but are you asking the right person in the group? [...]

Montessori School Success Story

The Montessori School of Wellington has been a part of the Guelph community since 1996. With “nurture the natural curiosity of your child” as their slogan, they focus less on traditional teaching methods and strive to develop the instinctive interests [...]

Why use Facebook Advertising?

Since Facebook was first developed in 2004, it has grown to become the biggest social media platform on the web. As it grew in popularity, the executives at Facebook realized the potential it held for advertising. Flash forward to 2014, [...]

Carousel Clothing Success Story

Carousel Clothing takes pride in being the area’s finest consignment store. They offer new and used clothing for active business women at an affordable price.  To keep the collection fresh, they invite shoppers to donate upscale clothing at the beginning [...]